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Pizza Grilled Cheese

    Ingredients :
    4 sliced bread
    4 mozzarella, sliced
    pepperoni (cut in half or mini)
    Italian seasoning or basil
    Parmesan cheese (opt)
    pizza sauce (for dipping)

    How to Make It :

    *Warm a medium/large skillet over medium heat. Butter each piece of bread on one side. When skillet is hot place a piece of bread butter side down on the skillet then add one slice of cheese and small shake of Italian seasoning or basil (add a small shake of Parmesan cheese here too if desired). Top with a desired amount of pepperonis (I used about 8 -10 whole regular pepperonis per sandwich) If any other toppings are desired, add now. Add another slice of mozzarella and top with slice bread butter side up.
    Repeat with second sandwich. When bottom slice is golden brown then flip over carefully. Once both sides are brown remove from pan cut and serve with pizza sauce if desired.