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This UK-Based Company Makes The Daintiest, Eco-Friendly Tiny Homes

    Tiny homes are making a huge impact all over the globe. Tiny Eco Homes UK even builds them. This particular model is the Elegance Range tiny house. It has many features that make small-house living easy. These tiny homes measure 7mx2.55m and are the largest towable tiny houses on wheels in the UK. The tiny house features 2 bedrooms in loft spaces. They have full head height, making them comfortable and not cramped. The master bedroom can comfortably fit a King-sized bed. The second bedroom can accommodate two twin beds. The second bedroom has a skylight which is great for star gazing. It also opens the space up so it feels larger. The main floor has a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and large sink. There is also a medicine chest and vanity. A flush toilet and hair dryer are also included in the bathroom. The kitchen is a wonderful space and would be great for cooking meals. It includes an oven, stove and microwave as well as a refrigerator with a freezer and many cabinets for storage. The sink was also covered in white tile, adding to its style.

    A small table with a few chairs can be used for eating. It is located right across the kitchen area. This makes it the ideal place to eat right next to the window. This table can also double as a desk. Another great feature is the large living area with a built in sofa. It looks very comfortable with padding and upholstery. It has a lot of storage and can be converted into a double bed. This tiny house can sleep 6 people, making it an ideal cabin for vacations. The TV is located directly across the couch so people can watch TV or movies. The home’s weathered oak flooring is beautiful and comes with underfloor heating. Tiny Eco Homes UK has LED lighting throughout their tiny houses, which makes them very efficient. All of the power is supplied by a standard 16amp RV hookup. They installed cedar roofing and double glazed all the windows. This stunning design would make a beautiful vacation cottage on wheels, or a permanent home.

    Tiny Eco Homes UK specialises in the building of these tiny homes that are road-legal in the UK. Tiny Eco Homes UK builds most of its tiny houses using the models on their website. However, each customer can personalize their tiny house to meet their needs. They can also build tiny homes on foundations, and will travel anywhere in the UK for people to build them. They also offer financing for those who are unable to afford a tiny house. You can finance a tiny home so you can get it right away, but you won’t have pay the entire amount upfront. The process works in the same way as a mortgage, except that you will pay it off over a period of time. A tiny house is less expensive than a high-cost mortgage, so the loan can be paid off sooner. Would you want to live in a tiny house such as this one?

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