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Summer Tiny Home Idea – Super Simple Design

    Here’s a DIY small house unlike anything you’ve ever seen. These fellows did it with just a bit of lumber and that piece of corrugated metal. Would you like to try something similar yourself?

    They’re a couple of Californians, named Matt & Margo, and they built this one over a dry creek bed (usually dry, anyway).

    The summer cottage is located in the western Sierra Nevada Range of California.

    They also said that a tiny home like this, built as a summerhouse in a remote location in an area where there are a lot of fires like the California mountains, was not a very expensive investment. And if it were to burn down in a wildfire they could simply rebuild it.

    You may have noticed that the sheet of corrugated steel is quite small. They used it as a single-pitch roofing system, with a slight slant towards the rest of the building.

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    And here’s a little gallery of some more little cabins — some even use corrugated metal sheets, but none do it like this cabin at the top, which is pretty interesting. Unfortunately, the picture at the top is the only one that seems to be around for Matt & Margo’s cabin so far (if anyone finds more, make sure to send them to us so we can update this), as well as if anyone has built similar structures. As with all images on our site, the top image can be expanded.