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Explore Inside This Winter Log Cabin With A Cozy Loft

    You’ll fall in love with the Sun Cabin Arctic Retreat tucked away in the deep boreal forests of Swedish Lapland this absolute hidden gem of a getaway is also doing good for the environment. Located by a bend in the Rane River is the Arctic Retreat, the ultimate Arctic getaway. Arctic Retreat’s traditional timber cabin buildings feature floor-to-ceiling north-facing windows, perfect for keeping an eye out for the elusive Northern Lights. The open-plan living areas have a cozy living area with a fireplace and outside you have a private outdoor jacuzzi. The magical winter season brings cozy evenings around the fire after a day of exploring.

    Explore the Arctic nature by snowmobile, dogsled, or skis, the arrays of guided experiences are many, and regardless of the day’s adventures a warm dip in your jacuzzi, perhaps a visit to the sauna, and a wholesome 3-course dinner await you. In the summer, the river converts, and as the snow melts and the Råne River wraps around the cove converting the area used for ice-fishing and skiing into a kayaking and fishing playground. Starting from September, fall signals the first chance for spotting the Northern Lights, picking berries in forests full of color, and the best fishing season. The Sun Cabin is made for 2 people with a cozy loft and a double-sized bed, perfect for a couple or two friends. All meals are included with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, linen, a private jacuzzi, and a sauna.

    When you stay with Biostays you’ll have a sense of eco-venture. They have a partnership with the Rainforest Trust. They have been giving back since the beginning. So far they have protected 788 acres of rainforest, which is the equivalent of 595 football fields, and will remove 78,800 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. When you book your next travel adventure with Biostays you can help them reach their target of 1 million acres of rainforest saved by 2025. Every adventure booked on their website will help to protect the planet. Book your next trip with them and the planet will thank you.

    Every booking on the Biostays website will fund the protection of at least 2 acres of rainforest. One acre of rainforest will remove 100 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. Biostays have already saved 756 acres of rainforest, mitigating 75600 tons of Carbon from the atmosphere. Their target is 1 million acres saved by 2025. Every hotel, property, and vacation experience provider on their website has been hand-picked by them and they vet their sustainability practices. If they are satisfied they meet certain requirements, then they agree to partner with them. Criteria include recycling, minimal water use for housekeeping, minimal supplier-to-table distance for their restaurant/kitchen, solar and renewable power sources, etc. Other aspects Biostays look at are whether or not they offer nature activities, cultural and landscape learnings, and their respect for the surrounding nature when it comes to architecture. They only work with hotels, properties, and eco-friendly experience providers, and they fully vet them before partnering.

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