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Alpine Pods Creates Beautiful Log Cabins And Really Cool Backyard Pods

    Scandinavians have been building log cabins and homes for centuries. Even today, some of the old log homes from hundreds of year ago still stand. Scandinavians have always believed wood is the best material to build homes with. Scandinavia and Eastern Europe have some of the best forest land in the world. These forests are densely packed with trees, perfect for building houses. So it is only logical to use the materials that are readily available. Alpine Pods uses only materials that are certified sustainable for the environment. The log homes are also sold at a low price to make them affordable for many people. Their fine craftsmanship allows them to use only the best wood to create high quality products. All of their cabins are triple-glazed and have the best insulation. The Scandinavian Full Scribe method is used by the log builders to build their log cabins. This involves creating a crescent-shaped bottom on each log so that it fits perfectly over the log underneath. This method allows for log cabins to be properly sealed, which makes them comfortable no matter the season.

    The logs store heat during the day, and then release it slowly as needed. You’ll notice that the logs are never cold when you touch them. This is because they have heat stored in them. These log cabins can heat up faster than stick-framed homes and retain heat better. The logs are made to last, and they are durable. Just like the old log cabins that have been standing over 600 years. They will even add solar panel to their cabins to make it even more environmentally friendly. The log cabins they build also promote great health because wood has a positive impact on our well-being. It has been proven that wood soothes the nervous system just like being in the forest is relaxing. The air in a cabin made of logs is very clean and free from allergens, as the logs filter out certain toxins. Log cabins also regulate humidity because the logs absorb excess moisture and then release it when it becomes too dry.

    Alpine Pods can also build smaller log cabins and sheds that are perfect for camping, fishing or other outdoor activities. These adorable cabins fit in any area. They have a unique design and look like a cute little hobbit home with arched doors and rooflines. These smaller cabins work well as guesthouses, home offices, or backyard cabins. The medium size cabin costs 10,750 Euros and includes 2 Tilt-and-Turn double glazed Windows, 1 Residential double glazed Double Door and it is fully insulated. Pod 1 costs 8.250 euros and is the smallest option. Pod 3 costs 16,550 euros and is the largest. These Spheres can also be used for backyard dining or simply hanging out. The spheres also have a wood and steel frame to create the perfect pod.