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Amazing Transformation: From Blueprints to Reality in Only 10 Days for this Prefabricated Cabin

    DublDom, a leader in the industry when it comes to prefabricated cabins or wooden homes using innovative designs and methods of construction. Their beautiful cabin was finished in just 10 days and cost only $80,000! Not only are the structures affordable and easy to build, their designs also keep aesthetics and functional interior spaces in mind.

    DublDom Cabins and their Features

    DublDom currently offers four home designs that can comfortably house four bedrooms, two bathrooms and an office – as well as hallways, laundry areas, living rooms and kitchens – in their largest home designs. Each bedroom can be placed to provide extra privacy – for instance the master can be situated opposite other bedrooms to reduce traffic flow in central rooms.

    The large windows in the living room of DublDom Cabins provide a beautiful view and flood the space with natural lighting. Skylights and built-in shelving are both functional and aesthetic in this living area.

    Bathrooms in these cabins are usually equipped with either a shower, tub, or both. They also have a vanity, sink, and toilet, as well underfloor heating to provide extra comfort during colder months.

    Quality Construction with Eco-Friendly Attitude

    DublDom houses feature insulated floors, walls, and roofs for comfort and insulation. They also have beautiful wooden windows and door frames. DublDom takes great pride in its superior construction techniques – each home built by skilled artisans in their factory ensures quality control as it cuts assembly time down significantly – taking just four days on site assembly after arrival at its final location.

    DublDom has a commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by optimizing production processes, using wood in their designs and having an eco-friendly system of disassembly for reuse in future projects. Their eco-friendly building methods aim to preserve the environment as much as they can.

    DublDom Homes Offer Versatility

    DublDom houses are ideal for temporary housing while building larger properties, or as summer cabins in Russia or Czech Republic. Their designs can inspire you to create your own wood cabin design or home ideas. DublDom homes are currently only available in these two countries, but they provide the perfect temporary accommodation while you make big plans.

    It may be that you want to add an addition to an existing house, use a basement foundation to build a smaller home with bedrooms and living areas, or gather all the ideas to create something tailored to your preferences and needs.

    DublDom’s innovative approach to building homes is evident in their prefab cabins. Utilizing top-grade materials, efficient construction techniques, and eco-friendly practices – DublDom offers affordable yet stylish housing that fits the bill – ideal for anyone seeking affordable yet attractive properties that also protect the planet. Visit their website to see their modular-style wooden homes!

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