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Gorgeous Cabin Built From Kelo Wood Built

    Ahmanpesa is a cabin rental in Lapland, Finland, located in Sirkka. The log cabin has 3 bedrooms and 12 beds. It also includes a dishwasher, washing machines, dryer cabinets, internet, fireplaces, electric and saunas. The cabin was constructed in 1998 using silver-grey Kelo and renovated in 2020. The log cabin has two floors and 140 square meters, with three bedrooms (two downstairs) and one in a loft. The cabin has a shower and an electric sauna. The cabin has 2 fireplaces with firewood, 2 TVs, radio-CD player, DVD, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, toaster and kettle, fridge, washer, dryer, iron and car heating point.

    Levi has a lot to offer in the early part of winter. The snow slowly starts to cover the fall and the frost begins to make the cheeks rosy. It’s wonderful to watch the evening grow darker while sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace. If you prefer, you can spend your evening out in the nature searching for Northern Lights. Early winter in Levi is about relaxing togetherness, outdoor activities, enchanting scenery and a variety of events. You can ski or cross-country ski in Levi starting in October, thanks to the snow that accumulated at the end the last season.

    Levi also receives fresh snow by November. Sometimes, the first snow arrives in early October. By November, the ground has almost half an inch of snow. Early winter is magical. You never know how much snow will be on the ground the next day, or if the weather will paint frosty paintings on the windows. You might be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights, nature’s most spectacular light display. Levi is a place you’ll want visit to experience all it has to offer. Levi is beautiful in the late autumn and early winter. It is the best time to see the northern light in Levi. So, be sure to keep an eye on the sky during clear nights and evenings to catch this breathtaking dance.

    You can ski and cross-country ski during the day from the beginnings of October. Additional tracks and slopes are opened when there’s enough new snow. Snowshoeing, horseback riding, or husky rides are all possible once the forests and fells have been covered in snow. There are many recreational and peaceful opportunities in the nature. If the weather is bad, you can still enjoy indoor activities like the gym, yoga, group exercises and relaxing at the spa. You can watch a movie in the cinema or explore cultural activities through art exhibitions and museums.

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