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Modular Log Cabins Like This Can Be Very Cost Effective

    The Cape Cod Modular Log Cabin from Hill View Mini Barns is a log-sided home. It is a well-designed log home that uses log cladding instead of full round timbers to give it a more authentic log home look. The log cabin is open on the main floor, with the bedrooms located up high. The garage is neatly tucked away to one side. You can get out of your car or into it with no need to go outside. It is very useful when the weather conditions are not ideal and you’re dealing with rain or snow, wind, or other elements. This garage is a wonderful feature. The front porch will also be a great place for your guests, family, and even friends to spend time. This is a large, friendly, open space that gives you plenty of space to enjoy. You and your family can still enjoy the porch on rainy day thanks to the overhanging roof. That’s a real use for a room in any part of the house.

    The entryway is quiet, centrally situated at the front, and has a solid construction. The rooms are arranged for privacy and enjoyment. The front windows allow for plenty of light to enter the space and fresh air, but the front porch acts as a buffer and an invitation. This makes the windows very private. The upper story features dormer windows which form small peaks at the front of the home, making it more attractive and open to the street. The windows are high, but they are also safe and secure. They are also quite private. This lovely, compact log home features a peaked-roof so that snow, rain and any other elements will run right off and away from it. This is a brilliant design strategy. This roof will last for a long time because of this method. Even the slight roof above the porch has an excellent pitch. This ensures that water and snow will fall away from your home. The logs used for the exterior structure will last a lifetime because they are built to code. The open railing surrounding the porch deck provides safety while still allowing people to see beyond.

    This deck was made with poured cement. This method is great because it will ensure that the porch will last for a long time and won’t collect water or snow. It will also be easy to clean if any leaves or other debris fall on it. Cape Cod Home comes in sizes from 13 feet x 28 feet up to 13 ft x 48 feet, so there’s a size for everyone. The dormers and 12/12 pitch roof give it a New England feel. Each of the certified homes undergoes an inspection process as it is built, to ensure it meets all building regulations and codes. Each log home includes the stained Log Siding as well as a 5 foot wide porch with round log railings, an entry door that can be painted in any color and all the windows and shutters. The roof and shingles are also included, as well as materials to build dormers and windows. Customers have everything they need to create their dream home.