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Tiny House for Under $1,000

    You are looking for the tiny house of your dreams. You want a tiny house but are hesitant to spend much money on it. The arched cabin is here! The 8 by 8 standard model is available for less than $1,000. If you prefer, larger sizes such as 24 by 24 are also available. This type of tiny home is not only a great way to save money, but it’s also constructed by the company who sells it after they deliver it. The design is modern, and you can decorate it however you like. Browse the pictures to see what life would be like in one of these cabins. Arched Cabins is proud to have designed a structure that is efficient, cost-effective, durable, attractive and easy to build with multiple uses. Arched Cabins are great for a variety of uses, including workshops, animal shelters and RV shelters. They can also be used as retirement homes, hunting lodges or retirement homes.