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Don’t Miss The Awesome Interior Of This 675 Square Foot Tiny House Designed For A Family Of Five

    The Fairchild is a larger tiny house measuring 675 square foot and designed for families of five. The tiny home was named Fairchild as it is built in Fairchild Wisconsin. This is one of many beautiful tiny house designs created by the Viva Collectiv, a team that is passionate about building luxury tiny homes. The exterior is a stylish design with blue metal siding, stone and wood accents. The roofline is a shed which allows the maximum ceiling height to be achieved inside the home. This tiny house is built with a foundation, which allows it to be larger than a tiny home on wheels. It was able have 200 or more square feet over the average tiny house. If you want to build a small house on a base, you will also need land to put it on. A tiny house on wheels is more flexible, and you can park it anywhere. Tiny houses built on foundations are more likely accepted as legal full-time homes by officials, whereas tiny house on wheels is not yet widely accepted.

    The living room is located through the front door. It has a comfortable sofa in the middle of the room. The dining area and the kitchen are also within the same space. The TV is mounted on the wall directly above the fireplace, making it a great place to watch TV and Netflix. The kitchen has a modern, sleek look and plenty of counter space. The space is large enough to fit a full-sized double door refrigerator and oven with a microwave above. A double sink, dishwasher and a full-sized fridge are also included. This is more of a home than a small house, as tiny houses are usually equipped with only mini appliances or apartment sized appliances. They also installed a lot of cabinets and quartz countertops that look very modern. This tiny home also has an amazing bathroom space, with a full size vanity and a toilet with flushing. A tiny house of this size can also accommodate a bath tub if its owners so desire.

    The bedrooms look very comfortable and cozy. A couple of them are equipped with ensuite bathrooms. And there is the master bedroom, which has a lot of space. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, each with a shower. The loft space is another area for lounging. It could also be used as an extra sleeping space or a games room. You can create a variety of tiny house designs using this model. The patio is another great feature. It has a BBQ, outdoor seating and a place to relax. This tiny house shows so many ways to make 675 sq ft work. This size tiny house would be ideal for a cottage on the lake, in the woods, or as a small home. Take a look at the photos and decide if this is the type of tiny home you can imagine living in.

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