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Cozy Cabin on the Water

    A log cabin is a wonderful idea. You will always have a place where you can retreat when you want to. And, better yet, your log cabin could be the perfect place to retire. Many people build small log homes for various reasons, but most often as vacation homes. How can you tell if a log home is something you would like? Renting a log cabin, such as this one available through VRBO, is a great way to see if you like the idea of owning your own cabin. This log house is located in a private, quiet area just a few feet away from the water. It is located in Mountain Pine Arkansas, surrounded by forest and trees. The cabin is surrounded by trees and grass, with a lovely patio built from rock. This is an excellent idea for any log-cabin designs. You could level the land instead of building a deck that is higher, which can be expensive. Instead, you can place some rocks or pavers on top. After the initial costs for building a log house, this would be a great idea to save money and time. You could then build a wood-deck on top of this stone to complete the log cabin.

    This log cabin has 2 bedrooms with queen-sized beds and a queen-sized sofa bed, which provides enough space for 6 people. You may want to only share a small log cabin with one or two people, so that it doesn’t feel too crowded. The cabin’s exterior is finished with half-logs. Inside, you will see a beautiful shiplap ceiling and wall covering. Rather than using full round timbers, tongue and groove panelling (or shiplap panelling) is a great option for finishing the interior of your log home. This gives the exterior of the home the look of round logs, while the interior has nice, flat walls. Flatter walls are easier to hang artwork and arrange furniture. It’s easier to clean because round logs tends to collect dust, and there are many small cracks between the logs for critters to hide. You’ll notice that this log cabin has fewer windows, which makes the interior darker. If you want to expand a small log house, you can add more windows, or even larger ones. Maybe you could even install a sliding door.

    The log cabin also comes with a boat ramp for you to launch your boat if that is something you are interested in. The cabin also has a kitchen and laundry facilities. The log cabin has a bathroom inside with a sink, toilet, and shower so you don’t need to go outside to use the outhouse. If you’re thinking about building your own log cabin, you might want to consider staying at this one while you plan a trip to Mountain Pine in Arkansas or if it is close to where you live. If you don’t plan on visiting the area, check out small log cabins in your area to see what is available. You can also get design ideas by looking at the photos.

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