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This School Bus Tiny House Has A Roof Built Over It!

    This little house, made from a 1969 school bus, is located in Sooke British Columbia. It’s worth a closer inspection. A 1969 school bus was converted into a modest guest house in a quirky garden. The school bus rental is located in rural British Columbia near Sooke. It is just off the Galloping Goose Trail. The cottage is surrounded with beautiful beaches, virgin forest, coastal treks, refreshing lakes and rivers, wildlife and natural beauty. Victoria is a 30-minute ride away or a 3-hour bicycle trip for the more adventurous. Sooke’s old school BnB. What was once Courtney’s old school bus has been stripped down and lovingly restored into a unique place with a vintage flair, using many reused and salvaged construction components.

    This short bus ride home is packed with amenities, including a queen-size bed and room-darkening drapes. There’s also a kitchenette with a propane fireplace heater. A stand-up shower. There is a composting toilet in the outhouse, as well as a sink and hot running water. The owner also found a chandelier on the side of a road. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable trip down the memory lane. There is no internet on board but there is cell phone service. You can also find board games, cards and books about the local area. You can also get painting supplies, postcards, and old-fashioned letter writing supplies.

    On the bus’s exterior space, you can find a covered deck, a BBQ, a hammock and Adirondack chairs. The property is surrounded by beautiful trees and gardens. The kitchenette includes a bar fridge, two-burner propane stoves, a kettle and a toaster. There will be black, green and herbal teas as well as a pour-over espresso machine, sugar/honey and spices. Pots, pans, plates, silverware and cups are provided. Also included are the necessary accessories and an outdoor barbecue. The fridge will contain regular and nondairy milks, ketchup and mustard.

    You can either choose to have a breakfast of the owner’s famous homemade nutty cereal, a couple farm-fresh, laid eggs, or baked treats. You can tell the owner if you are allergic or have a strong preference. They will do their best for you. If you are interested in a well-behaved dog that is small and hypoallergenic, please inquire in advance. If you are taller then 5’10”, you will have to stoop. The bus does not have Wi-Fi, but you can access the internet from the porch or driveway. While the outhouse might be posh it’s still an outhouse. You should consider whether you are comfortable with it.