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Must See Gorgeous, Secluded Log Cabin on Over 6.5 Acres!

    You’ll want a closer look at the gorgeous log home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2,492 feet of space. The secluded log home is located in Bethpage, Tennessee and sits on 6.5 acres. The log cabin features a 3-car detached garage, a wrap-around porch and an open floor plan. It also has new propane, all-new appliances, a tankless water heater and UV softener, as well as all new plumbing and well water system. The log cabin has a brand new roof, encapsulated basement, and security system. It’s worth checking out. Hunters will love the abundance of wildlife. The mature fruit trees are also a bonus. These are some of the advantages of living in a log home.

    Improved indoor quality of air. Wood has many air purifying properties. The logs used to build cabins store carbon and control humidity. This results in better air flow inside the cabin. Using air filters, purifiers, and dehumidifiers is also reduced. The solid wood walls of a log cabin trap and release moisture in an regulated manner, making the indoor air more healthy for humans. Living in a log home or cabin can improve your respiratory health.

    Reduce stress. Log cabins can reduce stress and anxiety by providing a natural, tranquil atmosphere. Wood is an aesthetically pleasing material that can be used to create a calming atmosphere in a home. Living in a log home can reduce anxiety and stress. Log cabin living is healthy for those who want to reduce their stress levels, according to studies.

    Eco-friendly. It’s no surprise that log cabins have a very eco-friendly nature. Log cabins, unlike standard structures made from brick or stone have a lower impact on the environment. People who live within eco-friendly environments tend to be happier and healthier. Eco-friendly log cabins may improve one’s physical or mental health.

    Natural insulation. Natural insulation. No matter the outside temperatures, logs are able to store heat and maintain the internal temperature. The temperature inside a cabin is stable because there is little heat loss. This, in turn, helps to stabilize the body temperature of those living inside. A more stable body temperature can have a positive impact on your overall health and well-being.

    Promotes a healthy lifestyle. Most log cabins are constructed in nature, either by a lake or in the woods. The abundance of outdoor activities encourages log cabin residents to live an active lifestyle. People who live in log cabins tend to be more active and enjoy nature rather than sit inside and watch television.

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