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Awesome Prefab Cabin Was Built In 10 Days For Only $80,000

    Can you believe that this beautiful cabin was built in just 10 days? Dubldom’s wood cabins come in a variety of sizes and designs. They are also made with high-quality material. This is the largest design of the company at the moment. It would work as a home or a cabin. It can accommodate up to three to four bedrooms, two bathrooms and an office, as well as a hallway, a living room, a kitchen, and a laundry room. The central living space allows you the option to put the master suite and other bedrooms on opposite walls for more privacy. The flexible home design lets you position your home in a variety of ways to get a good view on all sides. This particular home would take 4 to 6 months for construction. Each home has insulated walls, roofs and floors. The homes also have nice wooden doors and windows. The living room windows are large and allow plenty of light in. Skylights are also featured in many of the homes. In the living area, there are also some built-in shelves which are always nice. A woodburning fire is also available to warm up the home or cabin.

    Bathrooms can be equipped with a shower, bathtub, vanity with sink, toilet and in-floor heating, which is always a nice touch in the bathroom. Dubldom houses come with snow covers and rainwater system, which is fantastic. The fact that they build the homes and cabins themselves ensures a high level of quality. It also saves you time as you won’t have to find builders, materials, or do any work. Their expert craftsmen construct the homes in their factory, and then they’re very easy to assemble when they arrive at the building site. So you can have your own cabin or home built in just four days. The company also uses natural materials such as the beautiful wood used in their home designs. This company is focusing on reducing CO2 by optimizing its production. They can also disassemble their previous builds and reuse the materials because all the materials are renewable. They also take care to not disturb the environment when building their homes. The homes are also designed to be energy efficient.

    DublDom designs can be used to create a temporary home for when you are building a larger house, or as a wood cabin for recreational use. These gorgeous homes are mostly available in Russia and Czech Republic. However, you can use their home designs to inspire your own wood cabins or home design ideas. You could also add on to the house if needed or wanted in the future with a simple single-floor unit. You could build a small home on a foundation in the basement that you could finish with bedrooms and living room. To build your own home or cabin, you should first gather as many ideas for your own design as possible. Look online for the home designs that appeal to you most, or drive around your area to see which houses you enjoy. You can then start drawing your own plans. See how beautiful these modular style wood homes can be by looking at Dubldom’s home designs.