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The Mermaid Cottage is a Tiny Romantic Getaway

    Traveling in Southern Colorado near the La Garita Wilderness Area? If you’re looking to stay in a beautiful, unique accommodation which is as magical as the surrounding countryside, head to The Mermaid Cottage. This tiny house is a one-of-a-kind romantic getaway located at Angel Rock Ranch—and it is a dream inside and out.

    The tiny house was constructed using the traditional cordwood method. Recycled bottles add some whimsical accents to the exterior while drawing light and color into the house.

    As you would guess given the name of the tiny house, there is a lot of mermaid décor inside

    Just look at those bright, bold colors! The glass bottles and the window curtains work so well off of each other.

    The house is just aglow.

    Who would think something as simple as recycled bottles could have such a mesmerizing effect?

    Unique original artwork decorates the house.

    Oceanic accents create a fairytale ambiance like no other.

    The kitchen contains a stovetop with two burners and a small refrigerator. The countertop is granite. There is also a French press. The inn’s owners keep the kitchen stocked with fresh-ground organic coffee. Like every other part of the home, the kitchen is awash with color and light.

    Sadly there are no photos of the bathroom, but the black porcelain sink was discovered in a thrift store.

    There are some surprisingly high-tech amenities in this old-fashioned cottage.

    I swear I fall more in love with this house with every photo …

    Even the outside of the Mermaid Cottage is colorful. The doors and windows were all salvaged materials which were headed for a landfill. The wooden beams used in the inn’s construction were milled locally

    Here is a cool mermaid statue.

    The terrain is simply gorgeous.

    The views at night are quite astonishing too. This is an incredible location for stargazing. The house also looks beautiful in the dark.

    At the Mermaid Cottage, all dish soap, laundry detergent, and cleaning products available to guests are nontoxic. Both the cottage and the entire ranch are powered entirely by solar energy.

    If you want to learn more about the Mermaid Cottage, you can view the official website here. You can also place a reservation on the cottage’s AirBnB page. As of the time of this writing, rates are just $139 per night with a two-night minimum—quite reasonable for the chance to stay in such a gorgeous cottage!