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Fall In Love With This Little Forest Wood Home

    These log cabins and functional buildings in square block construction offer countless advantages for Little Forest Wood Home that every client wants. This is just one of the log cabins you might choose when considering a log house building. The wood cabins from Perr are available in a variety of floor plans for use as offices, restaurants, salesrooms, forest huts, alpine huts, chalets, boathouses, fishermen’s houses, garages, shepherd’s huts, kiosks and so much more. The wood cabins are available in any size for you. Perr makes your dreams of a log cabin come true.

    These log housebuilders have a lot of experience with the installation of houses on rough terrain. If the access possibilities are limited, the wooden parts can be transhipped to off-road vehicles or brought to the site with a cargo helicopter. Each Perr log cabin building is built from domestic spruce and fir trunks cut down in winter and dried in the air for years. That’s why their log houses and cabin buildings are so stable, they defy wind and weather and can last for centuries.

    Perr log houses have been combining traditional timber construction with natural building materials and modern technology for more than 40 years. Like no other building material, wood exudes an inviting and homely atmosphere and ensures comfortable living comfort. It regulates the humidity in a completely natural way, ensures a pleasantly cool indoor climate in summer and soothing warmth in winter. Whether it is a residential house, garden shed, holiday home, or a functional building they design and manufacture all their houses in their family business tailor-made according to your ideas, even the smallest tool houses are individually manufactured according to your wishes.

    Log cabins offer the ideal place to sleep. The thick solid wood walls dampen most of the sounds from the outside and let the body rest.

    For extremely sensitive people, special windows can also be installed in the bedroom, so the mobile radio beams remain measurably outside and you have an almost mobile-free bedroom. To keep the radiation exposure in the house low (by electrical installation and electrical appliances), it is recommended to set up shielded cables and a mains-free function at the sleeping place. The pleasant odors from the untreated solid wood are consciously or unconsciously taken, lower the pulse rate and provide ideal conditions in the bedroom.

    No other building fits into nature more beautifully than a log cabin. A log cabin offers protection and great safety for its owners. This is because a log cabin building made of solid wood can be built and furnished providing a stable and weatherproof home. A log building naturally regulates humidity and ensures a pleasant, cool room climate on hot days and soothing warmth in winter.

    Log houses have been built in the Alpine region for generations, from local coniferous wood dried in the air for years. These log houses are stable, they defy wind and weather and often last for hundreds of years. The log home builders at Perr are convinced of the quality of the traditionally manufactured log houses and also a little pride in their competence.