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Take a Peek Inside This 675 Sqft Mountain Log Cabin

    This Colorado mountain cabin has one bedroom at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Each cabin is 675 sq. feet. The cabins are pet friendly in large part. The cabins are ideal for couples and can accommodate two adults. They feature a wood-burning fireplace, unique furnishings, and artwork. The Byers cabins, Red Quill cabins, and Ouray Cabins each have one king-sized bed in the living area on the first floor. The Willow has a queen sized bedroom on the first-floor living area. The loft features queen-sized bed for Wrangler and Settler Cabins. You will be assigned a room at check-in. Wood burning fireplaces should only be used when there is a consistent snowpack to avoid wildfires.

    You will find everything you need in your cabin for a mountain adventure. This cabin is charming and cozy. The loft bed can be converted into a queen-size bed and there is a sitting area on the main floor. You can bring your pet along to any of the cabins that allow pets. The Devil’s Thumb Ranch, located in Ranch Valley Creek in Colorado, is a historical and anthropological paradise full of beauty and legend. The name comes from a time when long-distance communications were only possible using smoke signals.

    The Devil’s Thumb Ranch’s commitment to sustainability is something they are proud of. They are constantly looking at ways to make their operations more sustainable, whether it is in the areas of dining, spas and housekeeping or cleaning. They see the world and the extra effort that they make as a way to repay the favor. This is an excellent example of hospitality. Solar panels are used to power the spa’s electrical needs. Solar energy is stored in batteries to ensure that they can use it when the sun’s not shining. The ranch has converted a large number of outdoor lighting fixtures and pumps to DC power. This is a more efficient power source than solar.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Ranch recycles materials whenever possible. Winter Park landslides were used to create the exterior stonework, fireplaces and other features. The interior wood panels are beetlekill pin. The NY Times and Denver Post offer digital subscriptions, which they use to reduce the amount of daily newspapers they consume. Beehives. The 80 beehives of the property work hard in order to cultivate honey. They are also committed to conserving land and growing their environmental produce. The Ranch produces the vegetables and produce that is used in Kendra’s Garden’s Ranch House Restaurant.

    The ranch uses LED lights in all areas, and ground-source heat or cooling energy to heat the buildings. The system uses the earth to heat up in winter and cool down in summer, increasing its efficiency.

    You can find out more about this story at: Devil’s Thumb Ranch & Spa