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These Amish style barn houses start at $5,400 and are built on site from $25,000

    You are probably familiar with Amish products if you know the Amish business community. Amish architecture is beautiful, and I think of the phrase “made by love” when admiring it. They pay attention to detail, which results in a stunning structure. If you’re looking for a new house, barn or shed, cabin or garage, keep reading to discover why an Amish-built structure is a good idea.

    Details, details, details! Quality work is based on these details. Amish Barn Company is well aware of this. They are located in upstate New York, and have been providing high-quality work to their customers since 2005. The Amish Barn Company can build anything, from small dog houses to two-story horse barns. But not everyone has animals to care for, so let’s take a look at their structures we could all benefit from. A home! These cabins are great for weekend getaways or full-time residences!

    There are several cabin styles to choose from. I will highlight a larger style known as the Board and Batten Cabin With Loft! This A frame cabin has a great front porch. When you look at this cabin, the first thing that you will notice is the beams used to frame the porch and accentuate the A-frame roof.  The porch has a horizontal beam that runs across it, with three vertical beams connecting to the top of roof. This gives a subtle but warm resemblance of the sun rising. This detail may or may not have been intentional, but either way it can give a whole new appreciation for the design. Next, you should look at the windows. Windows are important for the natural light they bring into homes and for the amazing views that they provide! The best thing about this feature is it can be adapted to suit the clients’ needs. In the images, you will see that one home has two large windows on the second story while the other has a small round window. This cabin could be enhanced with a set double cross braced doors and a large triangular shaped window above the porch.

    This structure is made of beautiful wood. This cabin is a great example of how stain can be the best friend for homeowners! You can get the color you want without sacrificing the grain in the wood. In the photos below, you can see that two different shades were used. On one cabin a red tint was combined with unstained porch beams in order to create more contrast. You will find a large room with a spiral staircase leading up to the loft. The interior can be customized to your liking.

    The build does not show all the details that this company takes care of. The Amish Barn Company helps customers make the cost of owning a structure more affordable. Rent to Own is a great example of this. They will also deliver for free within a hundred miles of Oneonta NY. This company cares about both their product and their customers!

    Here is their message to you! Amish Barn Company claims that their single wide, one-story cabins begin at around $5400. Our built-on-site cabins start at around $25,000. We quote each project individually. Please contact me by email at Or call 607-432-527 for more details and pricing.”

    By Alison LaPaglia

    Amish Barn Company is listed in our home directory.