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A Log Cottage In Peaceful Location

    Check out this log cabin in Karesuvanto. It is located 330 km northwest of Rovaniemi. The cabin is located along the River Muonionjoki. It has a natural, deep shore. The river’s width is 250 metres, and Sweden is on its opposite shore. The river Muonionjoki is a salmon-rich river that joins the river Tornionjoki. The cabin comes with a rowingboat and two life jackets. The log cottage was constructed in 2017 and has a paneled interior.

    The cabin features a kitchen-living area with a convertible sofa bed, an electric sauna, a toilet and shower corner and a covered patio. You can use a mattress on the floor as an extra sleeping space. The log cabin comes with a mini-kitchen that has two hotplates but no oven. Storage is located under the seats. The log cabin features a metallic fire place, a small table and chairs on the terrace, a small metallic fire pit outside, and a ball barbecue grill. The log cabin features bed linen, towels, electric lighting and heating, a stove with a water pipe coming from the well, a toilet, an electric sauna, shower, electric hotplate (no oven), TV, radio, a microwave oven, a single cottage and a rowing vessel.

    It’s important to know that the water coming out of your tap comes from the well. It may contain some iron which can cause an occasional smell or taste. The water is tested and deemed safe for use. The guests of the log cottage can bring their own drinking water. The power line runs right in front the log cottage. The cottage is close to the services of Sweden Karesuando Village and Karesuvanto Village. The cabin is located near a small grocery store, restaurant, and fuel sale in Karesuvanto. Neste Karesuvanto, located at a distance of approximately 950 meters. The 950 meter distance also includes a charging point for electric cars. The border crossing into Sweden is only 1.5 kilometers away, close to Sweden Karesuando stores, restaurants, and other services, which are 2 to 3 km. The cabin has two pairs of snowshoes. Owners offer guide services for safari trips and fishing trips. You can rent a kayak. Contact the owner in advance to inquire.

    Fishing license area 2502 Tornionjoki-Muonionjoki-Konkamaeno and 1550 Lataseno 12 kilometers. Small game hunting area (only willow grouse, no other birds), 1614 Hetta, 1615 Nakkala & 1613 Kasivarsi. Hannu’s Reindeer farm in Kuttanen village 21 kilometers (services for tourists), Kultima old Lappish village 30 kilometers, Kilpisjarvi 108 kilometers. The cottage is accessible by car throughout the year.

    Karesuvanto (or Kaaresuvanto) is a village that is located in Enontekio municipal district, which is located in Finnish Lapland. This region is the largest in Finland and the northernmost. It is situated on the Muonio River that follows Finland’s west border with Sweden. Karesuando lies on the Swedish bank of the river. This is the farthest north border crossing for Sweden. Tarvantovaara wilderness area is nearby. Karesuando, the village on the Swedish side of river, is located nearby.

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