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[VIDEO] What’s an Amish Cabin, You Ask?


    You may be curious about Amish cabins if you have never heard of them before.  Well, Amish cabins are simply the pre-built, assembled log houses made by the Amish Cabin Company.  You can choose from a variety of layouts and designs. Take a look at these photos and let me know which one is your favorite.


    The Deluxe Appalachian Log Cabin is our most popular design. It’s perfect for get-away cabins, camp grounds, guesthouses and even offices. The Appalachian features a 6′ full front porch with full interior space. It’s well-insulated, like all Deluxe cabins, with our hybrid wall systems using reflective foam insulation.


    The Deluxe Cumberland Log cabin is unique, with its 2 reverse gables, center porch and center porch. This design allows two lofts to be located at either end. The Cumberland is perfect for those who want the most loft space possible in a portable cabin.


    The Deluxe Boone log house is perfect for a lot on a lake, if you want to hunt, or as a guesthouse. The Boone features a 6’x8′ corner porch with a 8′ loft above. As with all Deluxe Cabin models, it is well insulated using our hybrid wall insulation system.

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