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This Recipe Improves Vision And Cleanses The Liver And Colon

    Our aging process is causing a lot of changes in our organs, tissues and cells, therefore our whole body is changing as we grow older, externally and internally. The normal aging process is deteriorating the function of our cells, which are dying. And the functions of our organs are depending on the cell’s condition.

    Also if one organ is not doing its function, this will also affect some other organ’s function too. Therefore, we need to be aware that everything in our body is bonded together. This is why wen one thing is leading to a health problem, might also cause another one to occur.

    But we cannot avoid aging, nothing that lives on this planet can avoid it, there hasn’t been found any elixir for immortality, which means our bodies are constantly changing throughout the years. This is a natural process which is affecting every organ, cell and every function of our organs, which will weaken after while, sooner or later it will.

    As we said we cannot stop this process or avoid it, but we can delay it a little bit or reduce the effects that occur due to aging, by taking good care for our overall health. Being older doesn’t mean that your liver is damaged, or your heart is weaker, or you have a bad vision, or even a damaged liver.

    But however, some of the health issues or problems occur sooner than the other ones. Therefore, our job is to protect our body and organs as much as we can, by taking proper care for our health, that way we will support the health of every organ in our body and support their functions as well.

    Early Health Problems Related to Aging

    One of the health problems that are related to aging but occur too early are the problems with our colon, liver and eyes.


    One of the most popular problems in our gastrointestinal area that occurs due to aging are the irregular bowel movements. This occurs mostly because of a disease in our larger intestines or some poor function in that area.

    Other health problems that are bonded to the age-related issue of this organ are the polyps, diarrhea and hemorrhoids.


    The aging process weakens our liver, therefore making it susceptible to a lot of structural and microscopic changes. For example, our liver gets a darker color, has reduced ability to metabolize substances and it shrinks.

    Also its ability to stand stress and the bile production can also be reduced. Also the risk of fatty liver is increased as we grow older.


    As we grow older our vision’s sharpness is reduced, it doesn’t matter what kind of glasses we are wearing. Also as the ages go by we might experience dry eyes, which means the production of tears is reduced and there is a decreased number of mucus cells.

    One of the most common diseases that are related to the aging process in our retina are diabetic retinophaty, macular degeneration and detachment of the retina. There are a few other problems with our eyes that are related to the aging process, such as endophthalmos, cataracts, etc.

    Natural Way to Improve Their Function

    A lot of older people managed to find a way to improve the functions of these organs, only by using a few natural and healthy ingredients and combining them. They found a way to improve their vision, eliminate fat from their liver and cleanse their colon too, also they regained normal bowel movement.

    The main ingredient they were using in their recipes was the strong beetroot. It contains huge amounts of nutrients that are beneficial and which can provide a lot of health benefits as well.

    One of the rarest compounds that are contained in this ingredient are the tryptophan and betaine, which have the ability to fight against stress effects and calm our nerves down.

    You can improve your cardiovascular health, increase the levels of energy and boost your blood circulation by consuming this vegetable regularly. Also this will make each day much easier than before.

    It is able to prevent from damage of free radicals, which can cause the development of diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases, due to its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory diseases.

    The best way to reap out the benefits of this vegetable is to combine with a few other ingredients and make a delicious salad. To make the salad you will need the following ingredients:


    2-3 veetroots

    2 onions

    Extra virgin Olive Oil



    First you want to peel the beetroots and cook them in water with a little bit of salt. Then use a knife and cut them in small cubes, smallest as possible. Then you should take the onions, peel them and cut them in small pieces as well. Mix the onions and the beetroots together. Sprinkle a little bit of salt, and add some vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

    Also you may add a little bit of vinaigrette at let the salad sit for an hour before you consume it. Enjoy the salad which will boost your overall health.

    Consuming this salad regularly will detox your colon and liver, and also it will improve your vision as well!