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5 Reasons Why It Is Completely Fine To Cut Out Toxic Family Members From Your Life

    There is probably nothing more devastating and painful than distancing yourself from certain family members. Family bonds are supposed to be the most powerful bonds we have in life. That is why the moment we cut them, a wound opens up.

    After all, you never expect from your family to hurt you that much. In fact, you expect them to always be there for you.

    But, some people are extremely toxic, and there is nothing you can do about. So, you are better off without them.

    To avoid any mental, physical, or emotional distress, it is best that you put yourself first.

    Here is how you can know if you are dealing with a toxic family member.

    1. They Constantly Judge You

    Constructive criticism is healthy and good. But, constant judging can damage someone’s self-confidence.

    For such a family member, it seems that you are never good enough. It seems no matter what you do, they will always degrade you.

    That is why it is best to distance yourself from such a person.

    2. They Crave Drama

    One day you simply decide to talk about your problems and share your story with a family member who you trust.

    However, you find out that immediately the next day, they betrayed you. Now, your entire family knows your secret.

    Why? It is a fun thing to do. Now, they will have something to mock you. This is the ultimate betrayal. No matter how close you once were with this family member, the bond is now broken.

    3. One Day They Praise You, And the Next, They Insult You

    One moment, your family member is decent, trustworthy, soft, and caring, and the next, they insult you with the most unimaginable words. The goal is to lure you into a trap.

    They simply hate it when you ignore them. So, they’ll do anything to take complete control over you.

    Eventually, they will go back to their manipulative behavior.

    4. They Appear Only When They Need Something

    A toxic family member appears when there is something they need. Usually, they will seek emotional comfort or support. But, the moment they get what they want, they will distance themselves from you.

    But, the next time you will need their help, they will never appear.

    5. They Never Admit They Are Wrong

    Toxic family members will never admit they did anything wrong, no matter how many people saw them.

    Usually, people like this, use a manipulation technique that engraves doubt in their victim to make them feel helpless and question their memory, perception, or sanity.

    This way, they make you believe they never did anything wrong. This manipulation technique is known as gaslighting.

    If you recognize a family member that matches the description above, they are most likely, toxic people. In the long run, they will affect your overall well-being and mental health.

    That is why it is best to stay away from such people. The best thing you can do is cut them from your life completely.