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He Cured Stage 4 Prostate Cancer And Now He Shared His Method With the World

    You probably haven’t heard that baking soda can cure cancer. However, a man called Vernon Johnston tried this ingredient as a cancer treatment. He mixed baking soda and molasses to destroy his cancer, which has already spread to his bones.

    Vernon’s story

    Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with cancer. Then, he decided to change the pH balance of his body, as cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. After a few weeks, Vernon met Larry, a man who told his that cesium chloride is the ingredient that can alkalinize the body.

    Then Vernon decided to stop with the conventional treatments and ordered cesium chloride from the internet.

    However, his order got lost and he was not able to get the cesium chloride. Vernon decided to try a different treatment. He read about the treatment with maple syrup and baking soda. However, Vernon had no maple syrup in his home and used molasses. He was not sure of this treatment, but he decided to try it despite everything. He had nothing to lose.

    Vernon also recorded every step of the treatment in a diary. In the diary, he wrote about his everyday dietary habits, the alkalinity aid tips that he tried, his use of vitamins and minerals and how much time he spent under the sun. Vernon also recorded the breathing techniques that he used. The healthy breathing tips mean more oxygen to the cells in the body, which can also raise the pH levels and alkalinize the body together with the baking soda.

    According to medical experts, we are the ones that feed the cancerous cells with unhealthy foods and sugars. The cells in the body get no oxygen. Instead, they are only supplied with sugar. Fortunately, the cancer treatment with baking soda and maple syrup is able to destroy the cancerous cells in the body by attacking them with oxygen. Using molasses instead of maple syrup acts in the same manner and may even be better. However, during the treatment you have to avoid sugary and unhealthy foods.

    The recipe

    You only need to mix two teaspoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of maple syrup or molasses. Add this to a cup of water and heat it if you want for a better taste.

    Vernon was completely free of cancer after the treatment. He shared his story and now it serves as a remedy for thousands of people dealing with cancer.