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Europe’s Oldest Living Person Said She Reached 116 By Eating Chocolate Every Day

    Nicknamed the “Nonna of Italy,” Giuseppina Progetto passed away roughly five weeks ago due to natural causes at the ripe old age of 116! Ms. Progetto did not exercise regularly, though she also didn’t smoke, drink outside of one to two rare occasions per year, or engage in any other common causes of preventable death.

    This type of candy obviously did Ms. Giuseppina Progetto a big favor throughout her adult life

    Most candies are – by definition – packed to the proverbial brim with sugar. Sugar isn’t good for people because it can cause tooth rot, up-and-down energy spikes, and post-sugar crashes. This warning holds especially true for seniors and doubly true – if not triply true – for seniors in the very latest years of their lives like Ms. Giuseppina Progetto was just longer than one month ago.

    So – Giuseppina’s favorite candy was chocolate. However, Ms. Progetto would never eat milk chocolate because it doesn’t offer the same health benefits as it dark counterparts do.

    Don’t sleep on the various benefits that the regular consumption of dark chocolate brings to the proverbial table

    Without further ado, let’s take a look at just a few of the highly helpful benefits that dark chocolate brings to those who eat it.

    Although this much hasn’t been reliably demonstrated by academic researchers or medical professionals, some believe that the many flavonoids in dark chocolate help stop the very first stages of cancer in the people who consume it.

    Flavanol, one of many members of the flavonoid family, beefs up cranial gray matter. The more gray matter that is found in seniors’ brains, the lower the probability is that they will have problems like Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, and heart attacks.

    Believe it or not, eating a small chunk of dark chocolate on a daily basis can cut down on blood pressure readings and lower the chances of developing diabetes.

    What’s your favorite chocolate? Do you think it will help you live longer?