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Simple Exercises With A Tennis Ball To Relieve Neck, Back, Shoulder, Or Feet Pain

    Each of us has bad habits that have adverse consequences for our health. Either we sleep badly and in a weird position, or we barely move for several hours at our office. All this can cause certain ailments in the neck, back, shoulders and of course in the feet. We have one good extra tip for your feet. Just follow the instruction from this video and you will have a great pad for massage.

    Today we would like to share a simple and effective way of treating these pains. All it takes is a tennis ball! Do simple exercises with this ball and soon you will feel free of these ailments.

    1. Neck Pain

    To relieve this type of pain, you have to relax your neck muscles. To do this, you should lie on your back (preferably on the floor), stretch your legs out in front of you, and place a tennis ball under your neck. Then, to stretch your neck, stretch the toes out and gradually push the tennis ball upwards. After feeling your neck stretch, relax, take ten deep breaths, and repeat the exercise.

    2. Back pain

    Back pain is usually caused by poor posture or positioning when sitting or standing. For relief, lie comfortably on your back and place 2 balls under your back. Be careful to put them between the ribs and the coccyx (but never under the spine!). Then, place your hips on both sides so the balls can massage your back.

    3. Shoulder pain

    To relieve these aches, lie on your back (as always on the floor), bend your knees, and place a ball between your spine and your shoulder blade. Then gradually begin to move the stretched arm over the body in order to find a comfortable position for yourself.

    4. Foot pain

    To alleviate foot pain, place a ball on the floor, then put your foot on it and roll the tennis ball for 1 minute. Do the same exercise with the other foot.

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