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How Drinking Tequila Helps You Lose Weight

    We have all heard the studies: drinking alcohol usually leads to weight gain due to the high amount of sugar found in most wineand spirits. For people who are trying to lose weight, or to keep their blood sugar levels from swinging wildly, it is usually recommended that one avoids imbibing unnecessary calories. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, new evidence comes along that provides an exception to a very well known rule.

    One of the significant problems with alcohol is that most drinks are full of sugar. Not only do these cause dramatic spikes and falls in blood sugar (which can contribute to weight gain and difficulty losing weight), it has also been shown that drinking increases the chance of overeating and choosing unhealthy food choices. How many people love to go out for a nice greasy burger and fries after a night at the bar? It is these things that make alcohol such a detriment to those trying to lose weight

    But Don’t Give Up Alcohol

    This does not, however, mean that you must give up all alcohol if you want to lose weight. In fact, it might be quite the contrary.

    New evidence shows that drinking tequila can help aid in weight loss. You read that right…


    Before you go running to the blender to make an extra large batch of margaritas in celebration, there are caveats to thisresearch.

    The research was on tequila, straight, not in the form of a mixed drink like a margarita. The other ingredients in a margarita skyrocket the sugar content of the drink and counteract the positive benefits of the tequila. Mixed drinks tend to be full of sugar and empty calories. Straight tequila, in the form of shots, on the other hand, is a slightly different story.

    Recent research has shown that the active chemicals in tequila can aid in weight loss. Agavina is the name of the sugar that is derived from the agave cactus, which is then fermented and distilled into tequila. In studies on mice give agavina, mice not only lost weight, but it was shown that the ingestion of agavina stimulated insulin production, lowering blood sugar as well.

    These are significant results that may have a lot of positive benefit for those who are looking to lose weight or who suffer from Type-2 diabetes. It is also great news for people who thought they had to give up all alcohol if they wanted to maintain their figure. It is important, of course, to still drink responsibly.

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    The reason for this is that the body can not absorb agavina like other types of sugar such as fructose or sucrose. This means thatit does not act to raise the blood sugar since it cannot be absorbed. Again, this is only true with straight tequila. Margaritas and other mixed drinks contain fruit juice and other additives that are full of sucrose, glucose, and other absorb-able sugars.

    Many researchers think that much will result from this research. In agavina, scientists may have found a low-calorie sweetener that will not raise blood sugar or contribute to overeating or other problems which negate the benefits of the agavina.

    When it comes to losing weight, we have all been long told that alcohol is an “enemy.” Wine, beer, and mixed drinks are full of empty, sugar-loaded calories that often leave us craving junk food, as well as contributing to spikes in blood sugar (which can also attribute to weight gain). New research has shown that the sugars found in agave-based tequila can actually have the result of stabilizing your blood sugar.

    Lab research indicates that a shot of tequila can not only aid in keeping one’s blood glucose levels stable but that it can also act as an appetite suppressant. The fiber in tequila actually moves to make you feel fuller for longer, so a shot of tequila with a meal may actually cause you to eat less as well.

    It should be noted that this new evidence is for tequila alone, not as a component of a mixed drink. Margaritas and other mixed tequila drinks are full of fruit juice and added sugars, negating the benefits of the tequila. All alcohol should be enjoyed responsibly.

    This is not to say that you should drink tequila every day or with every meal to achieve the weight loss results you are looking for. Rather, this information shows that those who are trying to watch their weight do not have to give up everything from their previous life. It is possible to have a drink with friends and it not result in packing on the pounds.

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