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Michigan’s Hidden Gem: A Unique Tiny House Renovation Story

    When the tiny annex behind their tiny house was put on the market, they weren’t thinking about downsizing. It was more an impulse purchase, driven by the desire to preserve a bit of history than a conscious decision of tiny living.

    But what resulted from this unplanned purchase was nothing short of a magnificent transformation – a beautiful tiny house nestled in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

    The Living Room: A Heartwarming Reception

    The first thing you will notice as you enter the Pheasant Ridge Lodge is the warm, inviting living room. The exposed log beams and accents give the lodge a rustic charm. A custom stone fireplace invites you to snuggle up with your family or friends.

    This is the kind of space where you could imagine spending chilly nights, sipping hot chocolate, and sharing stories around a crackling fire. The main floor of the tiny house opens up to a spacious living space.

    This home’s heart is made up of a living area with comfortable sofas, a nearby dining room, a separate space for a bar, and a contemporary kitchen. This home has a spacious and open layout, perfect for entertaining guests or spending quality time with the family.

    The main level also contains the bedrooms and a bath, making it a convenient space for daily living. A staircase leads up to a loft that provides additional sleeping quarters.

    This tiny house is functional and comfortable despite its small footprint.

    Kitchen Delights – Where Rustic meets Modern

    The kitchen is an interesting blend of rustic style and modern style. A large island in center is used as a breakfast area and also has a sink to wash hands quickly when the main sinks are occupied.

    The clever design makes the kitchen a place where memories are made and meals are prepared. The clever division of space is one of the unique features of this tiny home.

    The Pheasant Ridge Lodge, unlike many tiny homes with an open concept, has multiple bedrooms. This makes it more suitable for large groups than just small families. This design choice is what makes it unique, as it offers versatility and privacy whenever needed.

    Master Bedroom Bliss – Cozy Retreat with a view

    The bedroom is the real highlight of this tiny home. Here, the couple brought nature inside by incorporating a sink base made from a stump of a tree.

    It’s a testimony to their commitment to blend natural elements with modern designs, creating a space which feels both luxurious and near to nature.

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