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The Homestead Log Cabin Is The Perfect Family Home

    Sometimes, you want a classic cabin. The Homestead model makes me think of the cabins in Little House on Prarie. The classic, basic layout with the bright red roofing. If you’re looking for something that is iconic, you will love this house and all it has to offer both inside and outside.

    The classic log home with white chinking between logs is also found inside. You’ll also notice dark wood beams strewn throughout the interior paneling. You may also find that the stone fireplace is a rustic element both beautiful and functional.

    The owners created a cozy area with chairs, couches, a coffee-table, and rustic decor all around the space. You feel like you’ve stepped into the past.

    The loft is open with no private areas, but still looks down on the living room to give it that cathedral ceiling feel. I love the thought of turning the loft into a kids room for when my grandkids visit, or an open loft writer’s space for someone working to write the next great American novel.

    This bedroom is unique! This wallpaper is from the past. But I love the open look and the dormer window. This is the perfect place to escape from the world. You can enjoy a rustic getaway in this room, while still enjoying the comforts of today. What’s not love about that?

    I have the feeling that this bathroom must have a clawfoot tub or at least a large shower with exposed pipes. It just screams “rustic” from every angle!

    With the addition of color, another beautiful bedroom has a brighter feel. This looks modern but still has that rustic log cabin feeling you expect. This room would be perfect for a nursery or a kids’ room.

    Check out the for more information or to see other models. Log Cabin HYou can also follow them on their website. You can follow them on Facebook The following are some examples of how to get started: YouTube.