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Tiny Escape Pod For Your Backyard

    Imagine there was a tiny place all of your own in your backyard where you could escape from the hectic frenzy of everyday life … enter The Escape Pod From Podmakers.
    The Escape Pod is a futuristic and very cool structure that looks like an egg covered in shingles. It rests on top of a platform that is half a meter high and has an airplane-style plug door. Let’s explore further …

    The pod is warm, and has a stove inside for those chilly evenings. Storage is built into the walls, saving space. Long vertical windows allow plenty of light.

    We love the round skylight …

    The woodburner can be replaced or complemented by underfloor heating.
    The Pod comes in four basic configurations.
    Garden Room:



    The tiny pod open and closed.
    The pod is usually pre-assembled in a workshop, then delivered on site and installed with a crane or forklift. If you would like your own Escape Pod, the starting price is £19,800.

    Find out more about Podmakers.