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Couple Transforms Old Garage Into Lovely Tiny House

    This is an amazing example of how a neglected old building can be transformed into a charming tiny house with a unique character and charm.
    Marilyn and Brian Thompson of Cape Cod in Massachusetts decided to turn their old, rundown garage located behind their Victorian-era home into a tiny cottage for guests.

    The result is a cozy little house with beautiful cedar shingles and window brackets from the main house of 1880s, a sunny terrace, and plenty to do in terms of landscaping and flower gardens.
    They created a beautiful tiny escape Hideaway in a cottage style storybook. Let’s explore further…

    Inside, you’ll find a variety of colors, vintage furniture, and other attractive details.

    The cabinets are the same shade as the trims, and contrast with the wood counters.

    The floor plan shows the nice layout …

    Visit for more information and pictures thisoldhouse.