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Log Homes: Rustic Family Vacation Log Cabin With Modern Features

    This Mount Baker log home is a great vacation idea. The cabin has two floors with two beds and two and a half baths. The rustic family cabin is 1500 square feet with a lot country charm and modern conveniences. The side door leads into a living/dining area with a freestanding fireplace, a flat screen TV with Wi-Fi and a full size futon. The cabin building includes a separate kitchen, complete with new kitchen appliances and a dishwasher. One room has a king-size bed, and the other a full bathroom. On the second level, you’ll discover an open loft with twin-sized logs beds, a bathroom with a divider that separates it from the 3/4 bathroom, a bedroom featuring a queen-sized mattress, and a room with a dryer and washer. A covered porch with a gas barbecue is located just outside the main level.

    A wood cabin is a great way to save money on a new house plan or a vacation home. A wood house is not only cheap but you can make it cheaper by planning ahead. You can do a few things to keep the cost of building your cabin within your budget. Start by making your wood house simple and small. A small, square log house can keep construction and design costs low. Stick to the standard plan. Adding extra corners and bumpouts to a wood house’s floor plan can quickly increase its cost.

    Keep the finishes of your wood house the same to save money. You could buy cheaper windows in order to spend more on a fireplace. This will save you money over time on heating bills. You should not compromise on quality when you are working within a budget. If you are building a wood log cabin, it is important to have a detailed construction plan. This will save you time and money by not having to spend extra time or money on aspects of the design that you had overlooked, such as kitchen and utility amenities. Even a cheap building will require regular maintenance. You should also follow the rules regarding clean landscaping and protective overhangs.

    Build a cheap base for your cabin. There are many ways to build the base of a cabin, even though a slab, crawl space, or concrete piers is the easiest. If you are building small structures outside, cinder blocks or patio stones can be used. Super spikes and concrete piers can also be used. If you can, stick to the log house and buy all the other items in the area. Your new wood house not only fits into your budget but also meets the building codes of your area.