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Unveiling a Ranch Style Single-Story Log home

    Build Your Dream House Surrounded by Nature

    At the forefront of cozy and picturesque living environments lies log homes: their rustic charm coupled with nature’s embrace make these properties special – now more than ever, however. And now something remarkable has arrived on our horizon – an outstanding one-story log home ranch style design!

    Unveiling A Log Home That Exceeds Your Expectations

    Price of Property :$40,000 for 1,176 square meters in Residency with 32 sqm deck size for outdoor activities & 336sq meters covered porch

    You will be captivated by the grandeur of this home as soon you step on it. This log home features cathedral-styled roofs and a spacious layout. It is ideal for both relaxation and entertainment. A well-equipped and spacious kitchen offers the opportunity to explore culinary delights, while a spacious bedroom ensures peace at night.

    This log home has many other features that make it a desirable property. For example, its spacious porch is a beautiful way to enjoy nature and provide a private retreat for you and your family.

    Customization Options – Design It Your Way

    Meadowlark Log Homes make customizing your log house easy! Choose from one of their home kits for ultimate interior customization to reflect the rustic or contemporary aesthetic you prefer – or combine both styles! Every design option is unique and beautiful!

    The use of stone masonry in log homes adds a refined element to the rustic appeal. This exquisite addition enhances their rustic appeal with its timeless beauty.

    Why Choose Meadowlark Log Homes

    Meadowlark Log Homes is a leader in log home design, creating homes that embody the spirit of harmony. They have become leaders in their industry by focusing on high-quality workmanship and attention to details.

    Meadowlark Log Homes is here to guide you every step of the way in building your dream home. Their log construction expertise will reflect both your style and expertise, creating a truly remarkable living experience that will last decades.

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