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Amazing Little Log Cabin that Costs Only $5k? Wow!

    Harvia sauna – genuine Finnish sauna enjoyment. The open air feeling on your skin. You have to try this combination! For centuries, the Finnish sauna was a separate structure with its own unique features.

    Harvia Outdoor models Kuikka Keitele Saimaa can now provide the same atmosphere. No matter if you choose an electric sauna heater or a traditional woodburning stove, your Outdoor sauna will have the same distinguished Harvia spirit. The Harvia Outdoor Sauna package delivery is more than just a sauna building! The delivery package contains all the necessary materials, including wood, roof and fastenings, and, based on your preference, a woodburning heater with steel chimney, or an electric heater.

    Harvia Saimaa has a unique design in the Outdoor Sauna range. Its large veranda makes it ideal for a jacuzzi. Harvia Outdoor Saunas offer you peaceful, authentic moments of enjoyment, whether they are next to your pool, in a green garden, or in the middle a humming-bird forest.

    Harvia Senator 9.0kW with Harvia C150 Control Unit.

    The wood material is delivered in a weather-sealed, rigid package. Separate packages are sent for the heater and other materials. The delivery includes all the supplies, right down to the foundation.

    * Spruce wall logs (135 x 45 mm)
    * Impregnated floor beams.
    * Impregnated sauna room and terrace floor boards. Board spacing is approximately 8 mm. 8 mm.

    * Dressing room’s floor in model Keitele is made of tongue-and-groove boards.
    * Panel board ceiling.
    * Single glazed doors and windows with fittings (handles, lock).
    * Spruce board benches. * Tongue-and-groove roof boards.
    * Felt shingle roof.
    * Galvanised steel tension rods for walls.
    * Delivery includes also a thermometer, a copper-metal ladle and a bucket.


    Technical details