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Watch The Construction Of a Wonderful Cedar Log Home From The Ground – Tiny Homes & Log Cabins

    Ever wondered what it takes for a log home or cabin to be built? Neologis, an expert log builder in the south of France, shows us how to create a beautiful log house from the ground up. In France, log cabins are also called a Fuste. This is a French word that means “log house” and has a rich history. Some of these structures still stand today, proving the strength of log houses. The log homes and cabins of Neologis are no different, as they use the best wood and incorporate traditional construction methods. They claim that the wood used reflects their beliefs which are in harmony with the natural environment. Each tree and each piece of wood is unique, just like each project. Each log home is constructed with the best wood and materials. Nicolas visits the forest to select each tree by hand. This meticulous process ensures that every tree is a perfect match for the current project of the company.

    For each project, they have strict requirements, including straightness and insect and weather exposure. They also consider age. They have identified the best quality timber from responsibly managed forest after meeting with many suppliers over the years. They choose trees between 50 and 70 years old, but sometimes even up to 100 for large Larches and Spruce trees. These older trees contain a higher concentration in chemicals that act as insecticides and fungalicides. This helps them resist rot, mould and insects, while also increasing their strength. To maintain the consistency and longevity of the wood, very specific cuts are made, usually in the winter or on certain lunar phases. The Larch tree has the longest lifespan and is most resistant among all softwoods. It has a beautiful red colour and intricate veining, which gives each home an individual look. Douglas Fir is commonly used to build log homes and cabins. It is also one of the most common types of wood used for construction. The quality of trees can vary greatly depending on their height, soil and age.

    Nicolas discovered a hidden gem in the form of an ancient spruce wood that provides the majority of materials for their home. These forests have strict cutting plans to ensure that their resources are used responsibly. Cedarwood is another popular wood, due to its strength and natural insecticide and fungicide properties. It has a wonderful aroma. Cedarwood is used sparingly for their Finnish and Russian saunas.

    The beams were also used to construct smaller buildings and post-and-beam construction. Once the logs and design of the log home or log cabin are selected, the log builders will start the project. You can see each log expertly shaped, matched to the one below it and the one above, and how it forms perfect corners and doorways. Neologis’ log homes are some of the most beautiful on the market. They can inspire those looking to build a home of their own.

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