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A Unique Eco-Friendly Round House From Mandala Custom Homes

    The field of homebuilding has advanced significantly over the years. There are many inspiring design ideas available for those who want to do something different. Thinking outside the box is key to creating a unique, healthy, and energy-efficient home. Mandala Custom Homes, a home builder in Nelson, British Columbia, offers innovative home designs and sustainable building options. Their homes are more comfortable than traditional homes and more energy-efficient. They were the first to build a Energy Star-certified home in British Columbia in 2011. The company offers design and build services. A home package can be shipped to your property and will be built on-site. Mandala homes are ready to be lived in once they are completed. Mandala homeowners will experience lower energy costs and a better quality of life. Mandala Custom Homes is committed to sustainability and efficiency when designing and building homes. They are also well-suited for weather extremes and environmental disasters. These homes are built to withstand strong winds, earthquakes, heavy snows, and other extreme weather conditions. They also have fire-resistant insulation and siding that will protect their homes from fires.

    Their production facility allows them to pre-build all of their homes, which speeds up the construction process. It also reduces waste, which is good for our environment. The home you see is one of their beautiful completed products. It is perched on a hillside and overlooks the beautiful rolling hills, valleys, and hills. All their homes have round designs and floorplans which create a home with a natural flow. Mandala, which actually means circle in Sanskrit is used in many spiritual practices. Mandalas are used to relax and meditate. A Mandala Custom Home is a great place to feel relaxed and at ease. There are two levels to the home: a lower and an upper. The upper level leads into the top of the home. There is also a deck at the back that overlooks the valley below. There is a mezzanine on the first floor, and then you will find the main living area with the kitchen, living room, and dining area. You will also love the great views from the windows that allow you to see the surrounding landscape through the home. The home’s centre was supported by massive timbers, which adds to its appeal. The kitchen has plenty of cabinets and countertops. There is also a stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

    Bar seating is also available in the kitchen, which makes it a great place to have breakfasts or just relax with friends. The living room has high ceilings that make it feel spacious and open. The dining area is located near the kitchen and has a round table that can accommodate four people or more. The living area is located just beyond the dining room and features comfortable furniture as well as a fireplace to heat the space. This is the perfect space to relax and read a book, or spend time with family and friends. This home also features a bedroom, which is very comfortable and cozy. Mandala Custom Homes’ owners, Lars Chose and Rachel Ross are passionate about creating custom homes and offering healthier housing options.