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You’re Going To Love This Stunning Log Home From Perr

    You’re Going To Love This Stunning Log Home From Perr. Anyone who has ever entered a wood cabin in log construction knows why more and more builders choose this type of construction method. Especially for houses with only one floor, log houses are an advantageous alternative to stone houses or prefabricated houses in standard construction. Another benefit of log houses is that you will notice the extremely pleasant indoor climate because of the thermal mass of the logs, which means these homes are cooler in the warmer summer months and warmer in the colder winter months. There is so much to love about log house designs, comfortable living, aesthetically pleasing, and can be used for full-time living, holiday homes, and more.

    A wooden bungalow is more than an architectural statement. Perr’s one-story log houses also offer this experience and especially for barrier-free living on one level. The flat log house construction includes an optimal living concept for all builders who are already thinking about tomorrow today or who want to remain flexible in the design of the floor plan because no special consideration has to be given to the statics already during planning.The heating costs in a well-planned log house will be lower. This is due to the natural properties and the unique appearance of wood. Natural wood has a relatively high surface temperature. For example, residents of log houses already feel comfortable at lower room temperatures than residents of conventional houses. This reduces the heating earlier, which can save additional heating costs. In addition, wood absorbs excess moisture from the room air, stores it, and releases it if necessary. In this way, the indoor climate is regulated in a completely natural way. Mold is therefore absolutely not an issue in a log cabin building.

    A one-story log house can be used in many ways, either it can be used as a small single-family house, holiday home, or as a replacement for an existing home. The single-shell bungalow log houses on one level are also very suitable for one or two people as well as for young families as holiday homes. The single-shell bungalow log cabin buildings on one level are also very suitable for one or two people as well as for young families as holiday homes. It is simply practical if you do not have to constantly change floors to get to other premises.

    This is especially noticeable during domestic work, as it is easier to clean a one-level home. You also have to worry less about children running up and down the stairs and getting hurt. This is especially beneficial with a holiday home, you don’t need so many rooms and storage space for the things of daily life. Therefore, a cellar or a multi-story log house construction can often be dispensed with and thus savings can be achieved. Every person is different and has different demands and needs on their home design. Often the bungalow log houses are created on one level with about 80 to 100 square meters of living space as a replacement for the existing condominium.