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California Tiny House Builder Creates Wooden Beauty On 24ft Trailer

    It’s a great moment to build a tiny home. There are many new tiny house builders all over the world, such as California Tiny House, a builder based in Fresno. There are many small house designs to suit your small house living needs. Because each tiny house is unique, they can also customize small house designs to fit individual tastes and needs. A tiny house built on wheels is very similar to a stick-framed house. However, there are many other differences. A tiny house built on wheels is built on a trailer. A trailer is the foundation for tiny houses, just like a concrete foundation is for regular homes. California Tiny House creates their own trailers that are customized to each tiny house. This ensures that each tiny house will be able to use the trailer as it was intended. Your tiny house can be built on a trailer, so you can easily move it around. This option is great for people who move frequently for work and those who wish to travel but prefer an apartment that feels more like a home.

    Some people want to downsize, simplify their lives, and not have as much impact on the natural world. California Tiny Houses is also RV Certified. Each of their small house designs has been tested to ensure that it meets all safety standards. Although the company is based in Fresno California, you can still have your tiny home built by them. The company can either tow or have your tiny home towed to the location you choose. California Tiny Houses aims to build high-quality tiny homes at affordable prices. The company offers affordable insurance packages and a ten-year extended warranty. It is also family-owned. Pat has over 35 years experience in the construction industry. He has built custom homes for clients and done some remodelling. Nick, the son of Pat and the other owner of the company, has 15 years of experience in construction. He handles all of the finishing details, space-saving solutions, and other aspects of the small house design. Together, they create some beautiful tiny houses on wheels.

    Their designs are simple, but stylish and modern. There are a few small house designs that you can view on their website. You can also see their gallery to see the style of homes they have built and the amazing craftsmanship they use. A tiny house on wheels from their company is even wider than other small house designs, making small house living easier. It measures 10 feet wide by 24ft long and was designed to accommodate the California coasts. They also included large windows in their designs. This is a great trick for making small spaces appear larger. This tiny house design is also filled with beautiful wood finishes and lots of great details that make it feel like a home. You can see the incredible bathtub in the bathroom, and the storage staircase. They will soon be adding pre-designed models, so keep an eye out. They currently work with customers to create their custom-designed dream designs.

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