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10 Cabin Floor Plans

    Our selection of cabin floorplans includes a variety of styles and designs.
    Like any other structural living space, cabins come in many sizes. There are many options available, from small spaces to large cabins that can accommodate large groups to spacious ones.
    A good cabin floor plan will allow you to build a sturdy, rigid, and accessible log cabin that can accommodate your specific needs.

    Before you build a cabin, think about the purpose of it. How often will you use it? What type of environment is your log cabin going to call home? These factors will influence your choice of design. You might find a simpler design more appealing if you’re only planning to use your cabin for a few times per year.
    Take a look at these cabin floor plans:

    Cozy Cabin Floor Plan

    A cozy cabin floor plan, credit: Pinterest.

    Small Cabin Plan

    More information, plan details, and how to purchase: Small Cabin Plan – Max House Plans

    One Bedroom Log Cabin

    This is a one bedroom alpine log cabin.

    Blowing Rock Cabin

    More information, plan details and where to buy Max House Plans

    Cottage Floor Plan

    This cottage floor plan – details and purchase here.

    Ranch Log Home Floor Plan

    This is a 1500 sq ft ranch log home – details and purchase options

    2 Bedroom Cabin Plans

    This log cabin has 2 bedrooms and is compact yet spacious.
    These log home floor plans can be downloaded or viewed here.

    5 Bedroom Cabin

    This log cabin has 5 large bedrooms, making it ideal for large families or group vacations.
    Here are the log home plans that you can download for free.

    Guest Cabin Floor Plans

    This spacious cabin is perfect for creating a comfortable living space that will be ideal for guests.
    Here are the floor plans of this log cabin guest house.