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Fairy Tale Log House In Polish Style

    This unique log house design is by Polish and Slovak Goral Craftsmen. It uses large flat and semi-round logs. They are beautiful and unique and don’t look like the mass-produced log cabins with thin timber walls. This log house is a fairy tale. It uses thick logs which ensures the log cabin’s structural integrity. This log cabin has beautiful details throughout.

    The simplest, most rustic log cabins make the best. As a kid, the log cabins in your family were often a two-room cabin built on the lake. It made for wonderful memories. Building a cabin is a great way to save money while still achieving the cabin of your dreams. You can build a simple and small cabin. These small cabins are just like luxury log homes. But there’s something that makes them even more popular. Small cabin buildings have the rustic appeal of living among the logs. A rectangular log cabin design is more affordable than a more complex log cabin shape. If you want to do more with less, a rectangle log cabin floor plan is the best choice. Simpler things will result in lower labor and building costs.

    Think about the uses for your log cabin as you plan it. It could be your getaway for your immediate family members or a bunkhouse for hunting and fishing buddies. Perhaps you will only use your wood cabin during the year. You may recall cabin experiences from your childhood, such as a weekend at a friend’s or relative’s rustic hideaway or summer camp. Consider the unique experiences you had, and then think about the log cabin’s location. To make the most out of your log cabin space, keep interior partitions as minimal as possible.

    You can expand your log cabin living area by adding porches or outdoor decks in good weather. Storage requirements are also important. It’s not a good idea to leave valuables in a log cabin that isn’t being used often, but you will need to store basic cooking and cleaning supplies as well as some recreational equipment. You can protect your groceries by having a small, secure kitchen pantry. Before you finalize your log cabin plans, make sure to check with your local building-code authorities to ensure that it meets all requirements. Log cabins are held to slightly higher standards than primary residences, but still require building permits. Installers who are licensed and required permits for wells and septic systems usually need permits.


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