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Romantic Ridge Top Location! This Cozy Log Cabin Sleeps 4

    This log cabin is located near South Bloomingville, Ohio. The log cabin can sleep up to four people with its 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and cozy interior. You’ll have the whole log cabin to yourself during your vacation. This romantic ridgetop location is sure to please. This log cabin sleeps 4 and features 2 queen-sized beds, 2 full bathrooms, wood floors with wood-burning fireplaces, a private hot tub, charcoal grill, covered deck, porch swing, and is pet-friendly (2 pets allowed). The log cabin is located in a wooded area, close to parks. A satellite TV is also available in the cabin. In winter conditions, you may need a 4WD. The cabin is within easy reach of a world-class zipline. South Bloomingville, Ohio, United States, is an unincorporated community located in western Benton Township. It is located just west of Hocking Hills State Park.


    Hocking Hills in Ohio has an amazing selection of eco-adventure opportunities that many adventure-seekers have been longing for. There are many trails, waterfalls, prehistoric caves, and stunning cliff-top views. Many natural wonders surround the area, which can be a source of inspiration for the artistic community. There are many festivals that cater to families and offer a wide range of music and art. Hocking Hills offers a variety of recreational activities in a beautiful natural setting. It is a backdrop for excellent facilities and accommodations, such as this romantic log cabin on the ridgetop and other pet-friendly accommodations.

    There are many things to love about living in a log cabin, but the best is being surrounded with nature. It has been proven that living close to nature can have a positive impact on your mental health. The more you interact with nature, the better your mental health will be. Being surrounded by trees or breathing fresh air has a calming effect. Green spaces can reduce stress, relieve anxiety and depression, as well help avoid them. Ecotherapy is a form of therapy that relies on activities in the natural world. Exposure to natural light can also help with symptoms of seasonal affect disorder (SAD), which many people are susceptible to, especially during the winter months. You might consider making your log cabin vacation a completely electronic-free zone. This will make you feel much happier.

    Log cabins are special. Wood, by any measure, is the most environmentally-friendly raw building material that you will find. Wood is a preferred building material for eco-conscious people over other natural resources. Trees are a good choice for building materials because they can grow back after being harvested. Wood is renewable regardless of how many people reduce, reuse, or recycle. You want to build a log cabin from a well-managed forest that captures solar energy, extracts CO2 at no cost, and produces a wide variety of goods and environmental services including wood and water.

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