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Charming 200 Year Old Cabin On A 3 Acre Garden

    You’ll love this Lillington North Carolina, United States, 1-bedroom cabin that can sleep up to 4 people. Enjoy this tranquil and unique getaway. This 18th century log cabin rental is the perfect countryside getaway. The log-cabin comes with access the entire gardens. This authentic log cabin is over 200 years old with some updates. The cabin is rustic but full of charm. The cabin is not pristine or luxurious. This old log cabin is a relaxing place because of the smell of wood and fireplace from decades of use. The log cabin is peaceful and secluded. Set back in the garden you will enjoy a quiet and private time to relax with your loved ones. You can park along the gravel drive. The log cabin is 100 feet further into the vacation property. Tramy Garden is yours to explore. The log cabin, located behind Wanderer’s Rest, is private property. Tramy Gardens is not responsible for the structure behind Wanderer’s Rest.

    This is a garden with water features and a wooded setting. Other critters like deer and rabbits are also possible. The owners warn against eating anything that you aren’t sure about, including wild berries, mushrooms, and fruit. Some plants and fruits on the property can be hazardous. The log cabin is still undergoing restoration and renovation. Wanderer’s Rest is over 200 years old. The owners ask you to treat it gently.

    The cabin is located at Lillington in North Carolina. The Wanderer’s Rest Cabin can be found in Tramy Garden, a private botanical garden located in the heart Lillington. The vacation property has a waterfall pond and gazebo and is surrounded by great oaks, long leaf pines, and an array of flowering plants and flower beds. This log cabin is surrounded with the sounds and scents of country living, but you are only a few minutes walk from Main Street. The log cabin is located several hundred feet away from E. Front Street. You can walk to the CVS pharmacy, antique shops, diners, cafes and diners from Front Street. Two Food Lions, churches in the area, fast food and another dining establishment are all within a 5-minute driving distance. Raven rock state park is a 12-minute drive.

    Raven Rock State Park. You might want to visit Raven Rock State Park during your vacation. There is a lot to do and see with the many hiking, walking and biking trails. You can start your trip with your family if you are visiting for the very first time. The Raven Rock Loop Trail will take you to the Overlook of the Cape Fear River as well as down to Raven Rock.

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