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Build a Shipping Container Cabin Like This One

    Hunter Leggitt Studio built this modern, simple styled home with the look and feel a cozy cabin.

    This Los Angeles company travelled to northern California in order to complete this build for its clients. The clients were looking for a weekend retreat that could accommodate guests and their family.  The company used recycled materials to reduce costs, and enlisted eager architecture students for help in construction.

    The exterior does not replicate the original building in any way other than a rectangular shape. The first level, posts supporting the roof, and the roof  itself are all covered in wooden boards. The majority of these boards are stained in a rich, dark color. The roof and side have been left exposed. This creates an amazing contrast in color. Each wooden wall has been defined by thin vertical columns running top to bottom. And the roof shows exposed beams. These elements also add texture, which is important for any rustic style. Industrial elements are a great twist on the cabin’s design. The top floor looks like it’s made of concrete, for example. It has a smooth texture and a light gray color. This material is used to build a balcony at the front of the house.

    The interior is a great example of how styles can be combined. In the decor and construction of the home, you can find vintage, rustic, and even industrial elements. The ceiling and wooden walls are perfect examples of rustic elements. The boards are accented in a white wash or dark stain. In the living room, vintage elements are evident with the wingback chair and old guitar. Industrial elements are evident in the kitchen appliances, iron railings on the balcony and staircase, and the kitchen appliances. The design is rustic with a touch of extravagance.

    By Alison LaPaglia

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