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Majestic Huge Log Home With Wow-Tastic Interior By Lincon Log Homes

    When it comes to log houses, the Original Home called the Lake George log house from Lincoln Logs is a perfect example of how beautiful log houses can truly be. If you have ever searched for log home kits online, you know how many great designs and kits there are out there. In this day and age its a great time to purchase log house packages because of how much variety is available. The Lake George log house is one of the many log home kits offered by a log home building company called The Original Lincoln Logs. The company operates out of Chestertown, in New York state and distributes their log house packages all over the United States. So anyone can have access to their beautiful log home kits to build a log house of their very own.

    The company has a few different categories of log house that they offer, including the Classic Series, High Peaks, Presidents Series, Western Series, Cabin Series and Designer Series. Each series has home models that fit into the categories very well, and the Lake George is in the Classic Series of log home kits. With three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and 2923 square feet of space, this is a beautiful and luxurious log home that would be a pleasure to live in.

    Their cabin series of log home kits has smaller and affordable log house packages that could suit a variety of needs. The finished product could, of course, be used as a cabin as the name entails, or it could be used as a starter home for a small family. The choice is really up to the individual customer who must decide how much space they will need personally. This includes factoring in how many bedrooms will be needed to suit all of the occupants and if there needs to be any extra room for home offices or studios. This Lake George model log home could be changed and modified to suit the individual’s needs.

    So if someone liked this floor plan but just wanted to tweak a few things, it would be great for them. The photos of the finished result of the fully built log home show that you can decorate these log houses to suit your style. The owners of this particular log house decided to go with a more minimalist approach to the interior design and they implemented some rustic touches as well like the deer antler chandelier. But as you will see, the kitchen is done very modernly.

    Log home kits are made up of pre-cut and labelled logs that will fit together to create the house plan you choose. The log house packages are fairly simple to assemble and some people even tackle building their log home themselves with some help from friends or family members. Other people choose to hire a professional contractor to assemble the package for them. All of the log house packages from The Original Lincoln Logs company use eastern white pine logs, which are some of the most desirable logs to use as building materials.

    Cedar is another very desirable type of log and can be used in the log home packages from The Original Lincoln Logs company. Most log home packages like the ones from Lincoln Logs will include all of the materials including the roof materials, doors and windows and all of the information for how the house should be built. Have a look at all of the other great log home plans on the company’s website which is very well laid out and easy to navigate and see the beauty of log homes and log home packages.

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