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They Built This 1,255 Sq. Ft. High-Quality Log Home In Only 8 Days And The Result Is Fabulous!

    Sitka Log Homes is a company that creates beautiful log homes and cabins. This was just one of the designs they showcased at the Vancouver Home Show. The attendees of the Vancouver Home Show were able to see the interior and exterior of the log house so they could get a better sense of what it is like to live or own a log-home. It is a spectacular display of fully furnished homes, which are displayed in an accessible environment. It is an impressive event that attracts hundreds every year. This particular show was attended by 100,000 people during the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

    The builders completed the 1,255 square feet log house in the home show venue in only eight days. It was a challenging task, but they did it well. They also had only two days to move out everything. Sitka Log Homes Inc. is the company that built this amazing log home. Sitka Log Homes can be found in British Columbia’s Cariboo region. The company has been constructing log homes since 1969. They have also provided quality log homes for Canadians. The log home on display at the home show measures 1200 square feet. The home is made from pine wood affected by Mountain Pine Beetle. This gives it a distinctive blue tint. This type of wood can be used because it is a natural material which would otherwise not be used in a project. This is a great example of reclaimed material.

    Sitka Log Homes offer custom designed home plans. They know it is difficult for people to visualize the home from a plan, so they provide 3-D renderings and virtual tours of the house. This allows potential homeowners to feel more comfortable as it is more expensive to change the plans after the house has been built than it is to make the changes in the blueprints. This will make it easier for you to imagine how your log house will appear once it is finished and how it will feel. This will also help you decide on how to decorate the log house, which is a separate process.

    Sitka is interested in working directly with you and your architect, general contractor, and designer. They understand the importance of communication between all those involved in building your dream home. They take great pride in handcrafting your dream home. Each log is peeled by hand using a drawknife. They are then hand scribed and chiselled, followed by chainsaws for the perfect fit.

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