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Take A Tour Inside This 867 Sqft Fabulous Log Home

    Take a look inside the Six Nations Cabin, an 867-square-foot cabin with one bedroom, and one bathroom. True North Log Homes manufacture the best-engineered log cabins in the world, log homes of exceptional quality, durability, and beauty. True North Log Homes are an undisputed leader in the construction of high-quality log homes. Log homes have been built in North America for hundreds of years, whether it be for temporary cabins used by loggers and trappers to permanent log homes and cottages. Some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and vacation resorts have also used the natural beauty and ambiance of logs to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

    While honoring the history and heritage of log homes, True North Log Homes have developed a patented log home system that takes log house construction to a whole new level with the use of building materials and joinery techniques unavailable in the past. True North has developed the most technologically advanced log cabin in the world, one that embodies the superb craftsmanship of the past with the comfort and low maintenance demanded in a modern home.

    True North’s Log Homes are built with the finest wood in North America. The most valuable softwood in North America goes into True North log homes. They carefully choose winter-cut, slow-growth eastern white pine for their log homes. This timber is the most premium quality of the pine species compared to its lower quality red, yellow, and jack pine varieties. Northeastern white pine grows slowly because of the severity of the climate, producing tight growth rings which result in excellent dimensional stability in the heartwood. Easter White Pine experiences less shrinkage due to low sap content and is therefore less likely to warp. The sapwood, the soft layers between the heartwood and the bark is eliminated in the squaring process. This assures that log settlement is minimal, not exceeding one inch in an eight-foot wall height. Western Red Cedar is also available upon request.

    The sapwood is the soft outer layer of recently formed wood between the heartwood and the bark. This area is the most unstable part of the log, the part that is most susceptible to shrinkage and blight infiltration. True North Log Homes believe in the elimination of this part of the log to help ensure the long-term integrity of the log system, plus it eliminates sap bleeding from the inside walls of the log home.

    True North Log Homes, believe that every log home should be as unique as its owner. They offer several custom interior and exterior log house design features to help define your log home. The handcrafted round log or the square timber trusses can be integrated into almost any log house design, to enhance the rustic log home feel. Large irregular windows or prow-shaped fronts most commonly seen in log chalets can be achieved by using True North’s Penta-post corner system. This revolutionary joinery system allows the interlocking log assembly to conform to irregular angles without compromising the wall integrity.

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