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Take A Tour Inside This 867 Sqft Fabulous Log Home

    View inside the Six Nations Cabin. It is an 867 square foot cabin with a bedroom and a bathroom. True North Log Homes are the best-engineered log homes in the world. They produce log homes of exceptional beauty, durability, and quality. True North Log Homes has been a leader in the construction and design of high-quality, log homes for many years. North America has built log homes for hundreds years, from temporary cabins to permanent homes. Some of the most luxurious hotels in the world and vacation resorts also use the natural beauty and ambiance that logs provide to differentiate themselves.

    True North Log Homes has developed a patented system of log houses that uses building materials and joinery methods not available in the past. True North Log Homes has developed the most technologically sophisticated log cabin in the entire world. It combines the craftsmanship of the past, with the comforts and low maintenance required in a modern house.

    True North Log Homes are made from the finest wood available in North America. True North log houses are built with the finest softwood available in North America. For their log homes, they carefully select slow-growth eastern-white pine that has been winter-cut. This timber is of superior quality compared to the lower quality varieties of red, yellow and jack pine. Northeastern white pin grows slowly due the severity of climate. This results in tight growth rings, which produce excellent dimensional stability within the heartwood. Easter White Pine shrinks less due to its low sap content, and is less likely to warp. The sapwood – the soft layers that lie between the heartwood & the bark – is removed in the squaring operation. This ensures that the log settlement is minimal and does not exceed one inch for a wall height of eight feet. Western Red Cedar is available on request.

    Sapwood is the outermost layer of newly formed wood that lies between the heartwood (the innermost layer) and the bark. This is the most unstable area of the log. It is the part most susceptible to shrinkage or blight penetration. True North Log Homes believes that removing this part of a log will help to ensure the long-term stability of the system. It also eliminates sap bleeding into the interior walls of a log home.

    True North Log Homes believes that each log home should be as individual as its owner. They offer a number of custom interior and external log house design elements to help you define your log home. Log house designs can incorporate the handcrafted round logs or square timber trusses to create a rustic log home feeling. True North’s Penta post corner system can be used to achieve large irregular windows and prow-shaped facades that are commonly seen in log cabins. This revolutionary joinery system allows interlocking logs to conform to irregular angles while maintaining wall integrity.

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