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Winterlake Lodge Offers Seclusion And Spectacular Scenery Views

    The Winterlake Lodge is located in Alaska, 198 miles from Anchorage on the historic Iditarod Trail. The lodge is situated on 15 acres of land overlooking Winter Lake. It is a finger-shaped, two-mile lake that can be landed by floatplanes in the summer or skiplanes in the winter. Winterlake offers seclusion, and stunning scenic views of Trimble Glacier as well as the beginnings Rainy Pass. Wolverine Mountain, located behind the lodge, offers hiking, wildlife viewing, and many Alaskan birds, wildflowers and berries. Activities at the lodge are hiking along Iditarod, swimming in Lake Louise, and kayaking, canoeing, or other water sports. The lodge offers activities such as wildlife viewing, fishing, white-river and gold-seeking, white river rafting and glacier trekking.

    The lodge has a comfortable main area where you can relax in front of a fire and look out at the lake through large picture window, a cozy eating area, large meditative Yoga room, hot tubs on the main deck as well as a wood-burning Sauna by the lake. The lodge rooms are located in separate cabin buildings that surround the main lodge. Winterlake is run by Kirsten Dixon who, as a world-renowned chef, offers world-class cooking classes at the Lodge with visiting chefs. The meals are excellent and feature Alaskan cuisine. All guests are invited to the kitchen if they want to watch or participate.

    Winterlake Lodge will be your home while you explore Alaska. Alaska’s vast, wild, and dramatic landscapes offer a variety of outdoor activities and are home to a large number of animals. You could spend the day in Denali National Park to see grizzlies, caribous, wolves, moose and bald-eagles, or take a seaplane ride to Brooks Falls for the annual salmon run, which attracts hordes upon hordes, of bears. Alaska’s rivers and waterways are full of things to do and see. You can see icebergs piercing the calm fjords or huge chunks of glacier ice slicing off mountains.

    Alaska is a haven from the modern day world. It has gold rush towns that haven’t changed in more than a century and national parks as large as countries, providing a wilderness home for grizzlys, mooses, and wolves. Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city. Yet, it’s surrounded with mountains, forests, tranquil waters, and is Alaska’s largest city. You can compare this more modern settlement to the gold-rush town of Skagway, where original wooden structures paint an accurate picture about life in Alaska during the 19th Century. Denali National Park is a great place to see wildlife and glaciers.

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