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This Country Log House Is The Dream Of Every Wood Lover

    This solid wood cabin is a dream come true for any cabin lover. The log building was constructed from thick, single leaf pine block walls with oak flooring except in the bathroom and hallway where tiles were used. The log building’s attractive appearance is inspiring, but its unique living atmosphere and pleasant indoor climate that only chemically untreated cabins can provide are also inspiring. To emphasize the naturalness, the cabin is built with very light wood walls that are allowed to gradually gray on the outside. Over time, the logs will develop a silvery-gray finish. The brick-red gable and the natural light wood windows will then create a nice contrast with the facade.

    The detached log home offers a generous 1,625 sq. ft. of living space for a family of four. This is spread out over 980 sq. ft. on the ground floor, and 645 sq. ft. in the attic. In the large, open living/dining/kitchen area on the ground floor, which takes up about half of the space there, the kitchen, dining room, and living room flow into one another. The cabin features large floor-to–ceiling windows which let in plenty daylight. The large, partially covered wooden deck is just a few steps away, and can be used as an extension of the living room on warm evenings and days. The living area has been deliberately separated from hallway, which contains a cloakroom as well as a staircase. The ground floor includes a study, guest room, guest shower/toilet and pantry.

    The top floor of this cabin is a retreat. The top floor of the cabin is a place to retreat. It has two children’s room, a bedroom and a large bathroom with an adjoining dressing room. All rooms are accessible via a hallway. The children’s bedrooms have access to a balcony located on the south-western eaves of the single-story, nearly entirely glazed porch. They also benefit from a large saddle roof dormer. This tiny house adds to the exterior beauty of the log house, and floods the living space with natural light. Like the shutters, the tiny house was made from the same type of wood as the walls. It not only serves to protect the building, but also gives it an inviting face.

    The solar water heating system on the roof of the house and the water-bearing fire place in the living room provide the underfloor heating for the log house. The stove in the log building is operated by logs, and emits a particularly cozy radiant warmth into the living room. In case of emergency, the rustic building log cabin has a gas condensing heater, which is rarely utilized. The large rainwater cistern helps save water and supplies it to the garden.

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