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An Affordable Log Cabin For Sale In The Woods Of Virginia

    This log building is exactly how you might imagine a wooden cabin to be. It even has a covered porch on the front, where you can sit and enjoy the view. This wood cabin in Woodlawn has four bedrooms with three bathrooms. It is 1,512 square foot. The charming cabin building nestled in the woodlands of Carroll County is located along one the highest elevated road in the county. The rustic log building is located on two lots totaling 1.75 acres. It has spacious bedrooms, a loft overlooking the exposed floor and ceiling timbers, hardwood flooring, and a wraparound deck. The wood cabin is accessed by a concrete driveway which leads to a basement drive-under. The front porch has nice views and the back deck could have great views too. This cabin could be a great primary or secondary cabin due to its convenient location, which is in the mountains and only minutes away from the Fancy Gap Exit on I-77. The wood cabin has easy access to Galax and Hillsville. Mount Airy is also nearby. This cabin building is priced at $186.500 in Virginia.

    From the front, this log cabin looks small, but as you look around, you see there’s a lot to this cabin. The basement gives the wood cabin more space. Once you step inside, you’ll see that it is also quite spacious. The front and rear patios extend this wood cabin’s interior space outdoors. This makes it the perfect vacation house to spend time away with friends and family.

    You will want to maintain your cabin to keep it looking good. The fall is a great time to do some routine wood building maintenance. This keeps your cabin looking and feeling its best. The sun and water are the greatest enemies of logs. They attack the logs constantly, destroying the finishes, and removing the seals and coatings. Also, constant use can cause equipment and cabin-building appliances to wear out. All of these problems can be avoided by setting aside a weekend before the winter months arrive. To keep your cabin in good condition, you will need to follow a fall maintenance schedule.

    Circumambulate your cabin and inspect the exterior seals and finish. The logs in your log home should still retain most of the original color. If you used a transparent finish, the logs will still have their natural luster. Logs that are black or grayish have lost their protective finish. This exposes them to ultraviolet light and moisture, which can degrade the logs. Pay special attention to wood trim and logs that are near the ground. These areas are more susceptible to rot and wood damage due to the constant soaking caused by heavy rains or melting snow. As you examine the exterior logs you should also check the seals between the logs.

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