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A Log House At The Lake That’s Perfect For Summer And Winter Use

    This wood cabin restoration at the lake not only looks beautiful but also brings back memories of simpler days, family history, and historical moments. Lizette, John and their family wanted to preserve some of the old traditions while building their new cabin on the water. You’ll find colorful light fixtures and log house furniture in the newly constructed cabin. Lizette was inspired to create this colorful mix by her mother’s Aframe cottage with vibrant decor. The wood cabin’s Skylights are also carried over from the Aframe Cottage. The wood-cabin also has an elk mount, which overlooks the family area. Lizettes father’s taxidermy is a rare piece of decor that would be in the couple’s style. However, it was the perfect fit for the new wood cabin.

    The original wood-clad garage still stands but has been resided with half log siding to match the cabin. A large deck with a gazebo is located at the lakeside. The wood cabin is a carryover, just like the garage. Lizette remembers the days her dad would enjoy sitting on the patio and drinking Scotch while watching the boats go by on Lake Michigan. Hugh Reitan, an architect from Builders Commonwealth who was responsible for the renovation of this cabin building, said that it was the challenge of the project that made it rewarding. The roofline of the cabin building is unique and sets it apart from similar log house designs. The owners of the wood cabin wanted a distinctive form with lots of gables, and visual interest. The log house details are difficult to achieve in a complex form, but the carpentry turned out well.

    Modern touches are also found in the wood cabin, including the hot water heating system that is installed under the floor on all levels and the master bedroom suite. The owners will enjoy two views in the master bedroom. One is of the lake, through the large windows, and the other is of the stars at night, through a skylight located above the pillow of the bed. The master bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe with a vanity, so Lizette will have plenty of room. The pocket door in the master bedroom leads to the bathroom on the second floor. The master bathroom features a large shower and soaking tub that is ideal for kids and future grandchildren.

    Summers at Schultz Lake revolve around fun. Wakeboarding, water-skiing and knee boarding are popular activities, as well as tubing and riding PWCs. You might find the Lawiens cycling down to the nearby ice-cream shop if they are not on the lake. In the winter, the Lawiens travel hundreds and thousands of miles along the trails. They drive to West Yellowstone once a winter for a snowmobiling experience.