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Oh Carolina! One Of Our Favorite Log Cabins

    Some people find that log homes and cabins bring back memories of simpler times. The Carolina Log Home plans are perfect for anyone who has a soft spot for these beautiful structures. Log homes have existed in North America since Europeans began to settle there. The Swedish people brought the concept of log home building to North America. They used the materials available in their immediate surroundings and acted with a conscious and mindful attitude.

    The Carolina is a charming old-fashioned log home that can be built from an easy-to-assemble kit by eLog Homes. They offer the highest quality log homes. You can purchase the plans to build the cabin or house you want on the eLog Homes site. This will give you the blueprints you need to show contractors and obtain permits in your area. The plans can be purchased for just $299 plus shipping and handling of $15. The Carolina is a simple, yet elegant home. It is also a good size – not too large or too small. The first floor is 816 sq ft and the second floor is 470 sq ft, for a total of 1286 sq ft. Plans show that the main level would include two bedrooms, one bathroom, and the master bedroom. The upper level has the master bedroom, another bedroom, and a shared bathroom.

    The front porch is large and would make a wonderful place to relax, enjoy the scenery and sounds of nature. The porch is a great spot to entertain guests and host BBQs or dinners. The home is modest and looks about the same size as a regular house. The design gives the home a very familiar feeling and makes it easy to fit in any neighbourhood or area. It has a rustic feel that invites people in. The log house has a number of good-sized windows throughout.

    Log homes can be a great way of building, and eLog Homes only uses the best Eastern White Pine to make their log home kit. Eastern White Pine logs have less knots than other woods. If they do have knots, those knots are strong. White Pine is also very easy to work and has a high insulation rating. Their logs must be dried for at least three months in order to prevent rot and mould. All of the pieces are also hand-cut. There are many places to order prefabricated log cabins and homes, but eLog Homes offers the best service and quality materials at the lowest prices.

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